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Famous Hotcakes
  • Hot Cakes or French Toast (3)
  • Short Stack - Hot Cakes or French Toast (2)
  • Blueberry Hot Cakes (3)
  • Short Stack - Blueberry Hot Cakes (2)
Fresh Eggs
All eggs served with toast. Bagel or English muffin - extra charge
  • Two Eggs - Up, Over, or Scrambled
  • Two Eggs - With Home Fries or Grits
  • Two Eggs - With Breakfast Meat
  • Two Eggs - With Breakfast Meat & Home Fries or Grits
  • All omelets served with toast & home fries or grits
  • Cheese Omelet. American, Provolone, Swiss or Cheddar
  • Veggie Cheese Omelet. Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, & Spinach
  • Spinach Feta Omelet.
  • Meat Lovers Omelet. Bacon, Ham, & Sausage, with Choice of Cheese
  • Western Cheese Omelet Ham, Green Peppers, & Onions
  • Spanish Cheese Omelet
  • Green Peppers, Onions with Salsa
  • Greek Omelet. Spinach, Tomatoes, & Feta
  • Italian Omelet. Italian Sausage, Provolone, Green Peppers & Onions
  • Crab, Spinach, & Cheddar Omelet
Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Two Eggs on a Roll, Two Eggs & Cheese on a Roll
  • Bacon, Ham, Pork Roll, or Sausage with Egg & Cheese on a Roll
  • Pork Roll & Cheese on a Roll
  • BLT on Toast
Hungry Man Combos
  • Combo #1. Two Eggs, Two Hot Cakes, Choice of Meat
  • Combo #2. Two Eggs, Two Hot Cakes, Choice of Meat, Home Fries or Grits
  • Combo #3. Three Eggs, Three Hot Cakes, Choice of Meat, Home Fries or Grits, Toast
Nova Lox Platter (Margate Only)
Nova Lox Platter. Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions, Olives with Choice of Bagel
Waffles (Margate Only)

Fresh & hot waffles made to order.

  • Home Fries
  • Grits
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese
  • Toast
  • English Muffin
  • Kaiser Roll
  • Muffins
  • Corn or Blueberry
  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh Fruit Cup


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Deli Sandwiches
  • Roast Beef, Corned Beef, or Turkey Specials. Homemade Coleslaw, Russian Dressing on Rye
  • Chicken Salad. (Homemade with White Meat) Lettuce, Tomato, & Onion on Choice of Bread
  • Ham & Cheese. Lettuce, Tomato, Onion on Rye
  • Bologna & Cheese. Mustard on Rye
  • Tuna Salad. Lettuce, Tomato, & Onion on Choice of Bread
  • Turkey Club. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on Choice of Toast
  • Liverwurst on Rye. Onion & Mustard
Gilchrist Favorites

All sandwiches served with chips

  • Hot Roast Beef. Provolone, Fried Onions, & Horseradish Sauce on Kaiser Roll
  • Reuben. Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese, & Russian Dressing on Rye
  • Offshore Griller. Ham, Turkey, & Swiss on Grilled Texas Toast
  • Chicken Tenders. Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Ranch Dressing or Mayo on Kaiser Roll
  • Porkroll & Cheese on Kaiser Roll
  • Chicken Tenders. French Fries, Coleslaw
  • Fried Flounder. French Fries, Coleslaw
  • Grilled Chicken. Topped with Veggies & Provolone Cheese, French Fries, Coleslaw
  • Fish & Chips
Gilchrist Grillers
  • Grilled Chicken Lettuce, Tomato on Roll
  • Patty Melt Burger Fried Onions, Russian Dressing on Grilled Rye
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Grilled Cheese - Bacon or Ham
  • Grilled Tuna & Cheese
  • Cheese Burger Lettuce, Tomato, Onion. (bacon extra)
  • Turkey Burger Lettuce, Tomato, Onion
  • Cheese Steak Sandwich. Lettuce, Tomato, Onions on Kaiser Roll
  • Chicken Salad Spring Mix Wrap. Tomato & Italian Dressing
  • Turkey BLT Wrap
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

Choices of Dressings: Italian, Vidalia Onion, Ranch, Caesar, Russian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette

  • Mixed Greens Salad. Tomatoes, Onions. Add Chicken, Tuna Salad, or Chicken Salad.
  • Summer Salad. Mixed Greens, Cranberries, Walnuts, Feta Cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Caesar Salad. Romaine, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese. Add Grilled Chicken.
  • Spinach Salad. Baby Spinach, Tomato, Feta Cheese, Onions, Mushrooms, Bacon, Vidalia Onion Dressing
  • Chicken or Tuna Salad Platter. Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Coleslaw, Pickles
Delicious Soups
  • Crock 
  • To Go - Small
  • To Go - Large
  • French Fries - Basket
  • Small Side Salad
  • Homemade Coleslaw

Gardner's Basin

(609) 345-8278


(609) 541-3093


(609) 449-8679


(609) 965-3433

Gardner's Basin

(609) 345-8278


(609) 541-3093


(609) 449-8679


(609) 965-3433

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6 days ago

Gilchrist Restaurant

Pro tip: You can still have our summer salad in the winter! ... See MoreSee Less

Today we ARE OPEN at our Gilchrist Tropicana location! Come spend your snow day with us!

Gardner's basin, Margate, and Galloway locations all closed due to weather.
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If anyone goes out for breakfast today they should be locked up

Are you able to pick me up? 🙂 I need pancakes!!

I miss you, guys. My summer spot! Love this restaurant!

Will try to navigate our way there

I’d like sum soup delivered to me please😍

It's never bad weather when you are at Gilchrist. That's where the sun always shines.

Don't get any better great food with great ppl.Be safe everyone.

I didn’t know you had a location at the Trop. Congrats‼️ I’m heading to the Galloway location this morning with a group of girls from my motorcycle riding club. See you at 9 o’clock.

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1 month ago

Gilchrist Downbeach

Signs are finally going up! ... See MoreSee Less

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